Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Last Minute

No, not packing for the trip

(Although I am doing that)

last minute - fluffing the nest

at the Vintage Nest

It's hard leaving my nest for a month

and one last project

For the home nest
found this old frame at a recent 
estate sale for $5.00

 It was pretty beat up and missing
some of it's texture

 I cleaned it up
and gave it a good coat
of Annie Sloan dark wax

It's still very shabby,
but I love it!!

Every Little Birdie says
 Next Post from Jolly Ole England!!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Bucket List

 Do you have a bucket list?

Come this September I'll be able to check off
Number One on my bucket list!!

A Trip back to England!
and the tiny village of Wareham
The Quay -Wareham

Where my mom grew up, 
Where she met my Dad,
Where I lived for a while at the age of 18

The Lord Nelson Pub, Wareham, Dorset, England

This was my Granddad's Pub, 
where one day a handsome soldier dropped in for 
a pint of beer, met a very pretty English girl, 
and the rest, as they say is history

G.I. from Texas + English girl = Me!!

Two families were united but also divided
by a very large pond

But the distance hasn't stopped us 
from visiting each other over the years.
I have fond memories from the trips
I took as a very small child,
but my love affair with England
began at the age of 18  
when I truly fell in love 
with this land and my English family
And a few years later 
when I married  hubby we traveled again
to England so he could meet my family and
experience the beauty of this small country,
but sadly we haven't been back since that trip
(It's been 39 years)

Last year we had visits from all three 
of my English cousins and their wives 
and the decision was made.....
2014 is our year to visit them!
We will be spending the entire month
of September in England.
I promise to post blogs from my cousin's
computer to keep you updated on our
travels and our time with my family

(and while I'm there I'll be checking off a few more things on my
bucket list, but that's for another blog)

Every Little Birdie says
We will be visiting Port Isaac, Cornwall,
 Cherrio for now

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Song Sheet + Glue Gun = ?

You know the feeling.....

It's evening time, there is nothing
worth watching on TV............

It's August in Texas,
too hot to go outside..........

You're bored!

So you go to your crafting closet
and take a look around

You find some old sheet music

You get out your trusty glue gun

and things begin to happen!!

 You roll, glue, roll, glue, roll, glue................

And finally you have a completed project!

A pretty paper wreath


So next time you're bored
just go to your crafting closet,
and stare into the abyss of
supplies and materials

......and when the inspiration hits you,
go for it!  

  Every Little Birdie says-

Wednesday, August 13, 2014



verb: refurbish; 3rd person present: refurbishes; past tense: refurbished; past participle: refurbished;  present participle: refurbishing
renovate and redecorate.

synonyms:renovate, recondition, rehabilitate, revamp, overhaul, restore, renew, redevelop, rebuild, reconstruct;

 Here are a few of my recent 
refurbished pieces:

An old wooden chair that needed
a make over

An old coffee pot in need of restoration

I painted the chair with a mix of grey and white paint and added white stenciling 
to the back and seat of the chair

My hubby worked with several cleaners
to restore a shine to this old coffee pot
(and received major points too!)

I also used the same technique
on an old $5.00 "thrift store" chair

You can just call me the "AFTER" girl
because I ALWAYS forget the before pictures

Oh well, believe me they look 
way better refurbished!!

Every Little Birdie says
Birdie's motto:  Re-furbish, Re-cycle, Re-design

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Beach Time

We've had tons of fun with our
grandson over the last two weeks!

 Before we took him home
 there was one more thing
left on our agenda........


Yesterday we headed over to Port Lavaca
for an early dinner

We enjoyed a delicious seafood meal
at the Shellfish Restaurant in Port Lavaca

Next stop..... Magnolia Beach!

Trace skipping shells

writing a note to his mom in the sand

What a great kid!!

Trace & Nana

I'm so very proud of him

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Grand Time

Our grandson is staying at our nest
for a couple of weeks

He is such a great kid and we
are delighted to have him!!

Last week he spent some time
working on the Easley Ranch

a little hard work never hurt anyone,
but all work and no play makes for a dull boy, So.......
We've also been swimming, gone out to eat,
had a few driving lessons (he's getting
ready to turn 16!), and just hung
out together having fun!!

Trace & Papa at the Hotel Blessing
Trace at the Victoria Educational Gardens
Nana @ the gardens
....and while having all this fun
I even found time for a little crafting

I Love to turn old aluminum kitchen
ware into something pretty!!

Every Little Birdie says
The Victoria Gardens
 We are off to the beach tonight for more fun!!

Friday, August 1, 2014


Remember my curbside

It went through a 

I painted it Annie Sloan Linen Grey
and then dry brushed it
with my homemade white
chalk paint

I also crafted some of the old bottles
I bought "junking" my way
to Dallas recently

The bottles went to my booth
BUT, the candelabra I'm keeping!!!! 

Every Little Birdie says
 I love junk!!