Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The chair

Here's the chair I 
painted and upholstered

to replace the chair that
I sold last week

 and I still have the blue chair
with the potted plant

Every Little Birdie says
 Hope someone comes along
that needs a cute little chair!! 

Monday, July 29, 2013

Shabby Lamp and more

Here are two of
my latest shabby projects

I bought the lamp and lamp shade at the flea market

the lamp was covered in a yellow stain
but with a little elbow grease I got it all off!!!!

Then I started re-creating my lamp shade
I started with the fabric piece
a little trimming, a little glue
Next I cut strips of script paper
and glued them on the shade 

I think it turned out pretty cute!

Next is my galvanized bucket

  a little burlap script fabric
and a burlap flower

Anything burlap is a hot item
in my booth right now

I also worked on a chair to go in my booth
(to replace the one I sold)

Every Little Birdie says
    I'll show you my chair tomorrow!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Family Time

This past week I traveled to the
Dallas/Ft. Worth area
to spend a little time
with family

Mom and I did a lot of shopping

Here are some of my finds

love the vintage note board
 the wire basket came from Home Goods
it will go in my booth to display shabby frames

Found this great old bottle
which I decorated for my booth

and the Madonna and child post card
which sits on one of the floral frogs I found
at my local flea market

and this container for $2.00
it will either be stenciled
or decorated with burlap
I'm not sure which

We stopped by my niece's house
to drop off a birthday present
for my great nephew
I bought him a bug catcher kit
which included this gun
that sucks up insects

He and his brother loved it!!!

Next I visited my daughter
 her family
and their newest member

He is providing lots of summer entertainment
for my grands

Saturday morning before I headed home
my sweet son-in-law took me on a
Mom & Son date

We stopped by Starbucks for coffee
and then took a drive around the lake
 It's one of his favorite places to
take nature pictures
We headed down this path
to the lake
He taught me a lot about my I-Phone camera
and gave me a list of "must have"
apps to use with photos

Dash of Color
Fisheye Pro
Simply HDR
Long Expo Free
(check them out)

I love going back to see family
but I don't love the big city traffic

however once I'm out of the big city
and back in South Texas
it's smooth sailing....

Every Little Birdie says
I'm just a country girl at heart

Friday, July 26, 2013

Adding to my Vintage Nest

I popped into my 
booth space 
at Just Shabby Enough

.....to tidy it up a bit and add a few things

like this "Blessed" sign
I made from an old cabinet door
 my shabby lamp and the little stool
these fabric flower pins

I think there is a fine line between booth spaces
that are too cluttered and just cluttered enough

I'm hoping I'm still in the just cluttered enough range
What do you think????

.....and have I mentioned that the shop next door
is a wedding planner

I've made a few things for her shop too
and when I stopped by she had
them in the front window!!

I've started making these wine bottle vases
for reception center pieces

and here is my
"Here Comes The Bride"
sign made from an old wooden window

Which btw was a real steal from my fav flea market

Every Little Birdie says

Don't you just love it
when you find something that everyone else thinks is junk
and you can see the awesome potential it has!!!!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Oh So Shabby

My lamp has been one
of my favorite projects
that I've worked on lately

It's Oh So Shabby
and I love it

It started with an old lamp shade which I stripped to it's bones

then I started adding strips of fabric

Cute, but I wasn't happy yet

So I added more fabric

next I painted the lamp stand.....

you guessed it....White!!

 Ok, now I'm happy

 perfect for my shabby booth!!

So today I added it to the inventory
in my "Vintage Nest" booth

 .........hope one of my customers think
it's as cute as I do!!!!!

Every Little Birdie says
Hope everyone is having a glorious week!

Monday, July 22, 2013

The Little Red Stool

Did you ever have one of these?

I'll bet you did if you had kids

I found one at a flea market the other day
and now it looks like this........

transformed from a little
red stool used for little feet

to .......

 A Shabby Chic decor piece
for the home

Every Little Birdie says
repurposed for the 
shabby at heart

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Another Era

Yesterday hubby decided to take us on a little road trip

He'd read about an old hotel in Palacios, on the Texas Coast
that sounded interesting

So we got up, had our morning coffee and headed out

Once we found Palacios we drove around
this sleepy little coastal town
until we found our destination

The Luther Hotel
built 1904

She's a well worn piece of history
with some great memories from another era

This is what the hotel looked like in it's hay day
when their guest lists included
American Presidents, dignitaries, and
Hollywood guests such as Rita Hayworth

President Lyndon Baines Johnson referred to it fondly
as the "White House of the South"

Jack, the Inn Keeper,
who is married to a Luther
was gracious to show us around

love this old phone booth in the lobby

View from the front door over looking the bay

Jack told us while we were in Palacios 
not to miss another point of interest 
La Petite Belle
A One Half Scale Replica of La Salle's Flagship
Located in the Port of Palacious 

He told us it was right across from Jesus on the Bay
 and he was right!!!

  After viewing these bits of Texas history
we were hungry and hubby had
a place in mind down the road in Matagorda

 He'd read about a five star chef from Houston
opening this restaurant and it got great reviews

but alas, it was closed for lunch on Saturdays
Boo Hoo

So we went down to the Harbor and had lunch at 
The Waterfront

I had a soft shell crab poorboy that was delicious
so all was not lost!! 

Our view from the Waterfront Restaurant

Every Little Birdie says
Post card of the hotel

Maybe next time we'll stay a night 
at this charming piece of history
The Luther Hotel