Thursday, February 28, 2013

Angelic Images

I was in Austin, Texas
recently visiting my niece
She mentioned that
she had a really great Goodwill
in her area
"She said they had amazing
things at amazing prices"
I said "What are we waiting for?
Let's head over there!!"
And boy was she right
I was in heaven!!
I found three beautiful
silver trays
One made it's way to my bathroom vanity
the other two I had planned to
turn into chalk boards for my booth
but when I was last at my
local antique mall
I saw this

Someone had decoupaged this
angel picture on the silver tray

I thought it was very pretty
so I changed my mind and
headed in a different direction
with my trays

 The graphics are from the
Graphics Fairy Blog
I decoupaged them with modpodge
 and then sprayed
a clear coat to seal them

Every Little Birdie says-

I like this idea better than the
blackboard idea - don't you

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

On the Ranch

I promised my daughter I would do a post
about the ranch where I'm working .
I do short work assignments now and then
for a little extra money
(who couldn't use some of that)

I'm doing a four week assignment
at a ranch office
while the office manager is
out on medical leave

I love the casual atmosphere
and the view outside my
office is not too shabby

Isn't this magnificent Live Oak tree,
outside my window, beautiful

Now that I've showed you around a little
let's walk back to the office
there's someone I want you to meet

I have a little assistant in this office
her name is BeBe Cat
She's the office kitty
There are plenty of cats running
around outside, but they are called
the barn cats and they do not have
the same privileges as BeBe Cat
BeBe Cat is a touch sassy and
she seems to think that my desk and
work area are hers!!!!

and when I fuss because she's
laying on my paperwork

she says.......

"Lady you can fuss till the cows come home,
but this was my spot before you got here and it will
be my spot when you're long gone" 
Such is the life of a temp
And what do you wear, you might ask,
when you are working on a ranch???

Western boots, of course!!
Every Little Birdie says-
I'm off to the ranch.....
what are you up to today????
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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Love at first sight

Sigh.........It was love at first sight

I had popped into the Raisin Flea Market,
on Highway 59 between Victoria and Goliad
on my way home from work
(I'm working a four week work assignment at 
an office on a ranch out that way)
....and no I'm not roping cows, I'm answering phones,
and paying bills, etc.

..... back to the flea market,
the minute I turned the corner into the back room
it caught my eye.......

So pretty, so white, so unique

It's a cabinet on the left and
a drop down desk on the right

I knew it would look perfect on my screened porch

I went home and told hubby
I had a "little work assignment"
for him Saturday morning

so the next day we drove back over to Raisin,
laid down some cash, and loaded this sweet baby up!!

I still can't take my eyes off this
beauty.  I am so very happy we
will be able to spend our days
together ....... just hanging out
together on my screened porch

Every Little Birdie says -

What have you fallen in love with lately????

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Friday, February 22, 2013


I tried my hand at another banner
for my upcoming booth
@ Goliad Market Days
Check out my other banner Here


I used some old book pages
stenciled my letters
and added a little something special
to each one to add interest

After I made the banner
I started reading the print on each card
.....looks like a pretty interesting book
Oh well, since it's being used for crafts
I'll never know the end of the story

I found another cute wood & metal
ironing board that I'm going to sell
in my booth.  I may hang this
"Welcome Banner"
on the front of it like I've done
above on my cute ironing board
turned sofa table
**check out the post on my ironing board Here
Every Little Birdie says-
I hope you have a banner day!!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Food from the Heart

I mentioned in a recent Post
that we had guests this past weekend

We always experience fabulous food
when these friends are visiting

Hubby & Tom wanted to prepare
some special dishes over the weekend
as a Valentine treat for me and Carol

Isn't hubby sweet

 both hubby's are excellent chefs and
we couldn't wait to see
what they were
"cookin' up"

Saturday night's menu

Pan seared scallops w/ wild mushrooms
on top of corn polenta pudding

followed by

Aged beef w/ an espresso rub
& smoked Gouda mashed potatoes

Tom dry aged these beautiful steaks for four days
they were then rubbed with olive oil, espresso, chili power, & paprika,
pan seared scallops w/ wild mushrooms
over corn polenta pudding
Needless to say we were in heaven!!

Oh, but wait there's more.......

Sunday night's menu

Mock Turtle Soup
Caesar Salad
Crusty bread

Chocolate Mousse
The soup included smoke duck, smoke turkey, and rib eye of pork loin

Isn't this a beautiful Caesar salad

and what's a beautiful meal
without a little wine

.......and last our sinful dessert

Chocolate Mousse
and yes it was as good as it looks!!

Even the puppies were dressed for
this Valentine dinner

Every Little Birdie says-

I'd say we are two lucky girls
and maybe a little spoiled

Our hubby's R O C K!!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Glory of the Lord

Each morning when I wake up
I say to myself,

"This is the day which the Lord has made
I will rejoice and be glad in it"

This morning when my feet hit the floor
and I looked out my bedroom window
this is what I saw......


The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands
Psalm 19:1

As I looked out on God's glory
my heart was filled with
thanksgiving and joy
and like a flood, His mercy rains,
.......unending love
            ........Amazing Grace
And all God's creatures say -

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Great Finds!

Our dear friends, the Paonessas are
in town this weekend

The boys love to cook
and Carol and I love to shop!!

Hubby and Tom are
making some special dinners for us
this weekend as a Valentine's treat!!

I'll share those pictures in another post
but today I want to show you
the results of our shopping trip

We found so many pretty things

So many great finds......

burlap and french toile fabric, lovely china,
pretty crystal glasses,
tiny silver spoons, a cute mason jar,
lace curtains, handsome beer mugs, a linen table
runner, some pretty hanky's
and a very pretty floral picture
(with a birdie of course!)

Every Little Birdie says-

We shopped till we dropped
and then went home for a delicous meal
cooked by our hubby's!!

Life is good!